Updated Background Information

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Updated Background Information

Publish Date: 
Fri, 2004-05-21

WETNFIX™ is a unique solution to the so-called 'baggy hole' problem, designed to re-enforce and strengthen the area around a wall fixing. It takes the form of an impregnated disc which is moistened and placed around a wall plug before insertion in to the hole, to provide an instant fix. It is also non hazardous and safe to use. 

WETNFIX™ is a practical solution for the fixing of wall plugs into a variety of problem or poor quality surfaces, such as crumbly masonry, ceramics, plaster, plasterboard or wood. It can also be used to repair an existing plastic fixing which has shrunk over time and lost its grip. With all types of plastic or nylon plugs, it is designed to provide a secure and smooth fix in just three minutes. Applications include the fixing of curtain poles, pictures frames, shelving, lighting, bathroom fittings etc. 

All commentators agree that WETNFIX™ is a major innovation which helps all DIYers. 

WetNFix is supplied in colourful and informative packaging. The RRP is £2.99 for a pack containing 10 pads.